Our Sponsors


We have been fortunate to recieve from Transpower 36 Lenovo laptops. These laptops are a great addition to our digital curriculum. They allow our tamariki easy access to the internet and digital programs in which to better their understanding of concepts learned within our classroom.

Stan semenoff

Stan Semenoff Group have been supporting our little school for many years. They have in previous years paid for the printing of our school end of year magazine. This funding has meant that each student has been able to recieve a magazine for free, thus allowing them to share their learning and achievements for the year, with their whanau. Stan Semenoff Group have over the years also helped keep our sandpit full. We appreciate the ongoing relationship with Stan and the Stan Semenoff Group.

Otaika Valley free range eggs

Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs are a company that donate trays of eggs to our tamariki every week. Because of this our tamariki are able to have hot eggs on toast for breakfast most mornings. These donated eggs are also used for teaching our tamariki how to cook and bake.