Snow Planet – William Pike

On Friday Te Horo School year 7 and year 8 went with Mangakahia and Pakotai to Snow planet.  With all the excitement bumping out of me I was ready to go to snow planet for the first time. We left Mangakahia at 7:30 am to go to Auckland.

When we left we were shouting and eating. I was mostly eating. When we were travelling we had to sit down at all times. On our way to Auckland I was knocked out for about an hour but it was a sleepy kind of knocked out.  When we arrived at Auckland we soon arrived at snow planet.

Soon we got changed into ski boots and waited with our group. A man came and gave us lessons on how to ski. It was fun, it was easy to brake we had to make a big slice a pizza. When your skis  are together in a small pizza slice you go faster.

My toes were frozen cold and locked up. The snow felt hard when I fell on it.  I fell over ten or more times each time I was getting colder and colder.  I can’t wait for another trip back to snow planet.

Some people were tired and slept all the way back to school.


Te Rawhiti Tohu- Shortland Age 11

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