Ball Girl Toll Stadium Northland Swords Vs Waikato

Ball Girl Toll Stadium Northland Swords Vs Waikato

On Sunday the fourth of September Tivi, Hau, Riley and I were ball people for two games at toll stadium.

We had to follow the touch judge around, put the ball  in the middle of the field and catch the ball from behind the post. I was super tired after the games I nearly fell on the ground ,but getting to be the ball person at Toll  stadium was pretty awesome.

One reason I liked it was because my cousins and brother was playing. I got to watch them play for free and still get to do my job. It was awesome because each game we were helping in the Swords won!!! When the speaker announced the winners which was Swords I shouted yippee and quickly put my hand over my mouth and smiled hoping no one heard it.

The under 15s and 17s won their games against an invitational Whangarei  team and  the under 17s vs Manurewa Marlins

The second reason why I liked it was because we got lollies , T-shirts , burgers , drinks and we got to go on to T.v.

In the end I was exhausted but everyone else was more tired than me. So I didn’t say anything. Then when I saw my brother start limping towards the car he looked like an old man just getting out of bed but I knew he was hurt. I asked what happened and he said he has a hurt knee from his game.

On the fifth September Kiarni didn’t go to school because his knee was still injured. My little brother Ruamahau kept calling him princess. 

Lizziejean Ranui

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