Youth Summit 2016

Youth Summit 2016

On Friday 26 of August 2016 Room 1 went to a amazing conference. It was at Kensington Stadium. We saw heaps of famous people talking about there life and experiences and also singing some really cool songs that the other schools knew.

Elizabeth took some of the kids like Ezra, Riley, Chelsea, Iris and Lizzie and myself. Then Whaea Sandra went to go and she took no one and beat us back. Uncle Mike went to go and he took Jahmyne, Tu Kaha, Hone, Matiu and that’s it. Rachel came and she took Patricia, Janice, Latavia, Tikini and Matiki. Whaea Kerry went and she took Te Rawhiti, Witana, Tyson and Selui and they were naughty she wanted to kick them out. When we went we had a great time there because we had so much fun.

William Pike had lost his leg in a terrible accident from big rock that fell on him in the cabin. William Pike is a mountain climber, with his good friend Kyle. When he went up he went with his awesome friend and they saw a little cabin and they went down and stayed in there overnight. Everytime he goes mountain climbing he has a passion in him that won’t allow him to give up. When William Pike went into hospital he was in terrible pain and he couldn’t get himself warm in the cabin when he was by himself.

Julian Dennison is a amazing actor he acted on Hunt for The Wilderpeople and he loved it because he felt cool happy and excited. He wanted to be famous. He filmed on a add and he was a lot younger and he was doing it with his childhood friends, they are all funny. When he started acting he was putting in a lot of hard effort to succeed and he really tried hard.

When we had lunch we had sausage sizzle and everyone got a water. We ate on the brown deck and some ate inside. When we finished we went to go and look around Whaea Sandra’s cool house and she had 2 bathrooms 5 rooms and a stairway going somewhere we had so much fun. We wanted to stay there for the night but we weren’t aloud to stay there. We loved to go there again.

There were about 800 kids there they got to say question and they had cool questions to ask the presenters. Everyone  felt so happy because they got to tell us about their life experiences. They want to give us a choice of what we should do to be the best we can.They also love their life because they are famous and have achieved great things. Te Horo felt so happy because they had a great experience listening to inspirational speakers.

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