Youth Summit 2016 Kensington Stadium Year 5-8

                                                                                    Youth Summit 2016

On the 26  August all of Room One went to the Youth Summit. The Youth Summit was held in ASB stadium at Kensington park. The speakers were William Pike, Jullien Dennison and John from More FM radio station.

Jullien Dennison acted in Hunt For The Wilder People and he talked about how he got into that path of being an actor. When he doubts himself he always has his mum to be inspired by. When he was talking he said he won’t have a girlfriend until he was 16 or 18. All the adults clapped at him for saying that. He also said “follow your dreams, keep trying and you might just turn out like him”.

William Pike spoke to us and told us how he lost his leg. He lost his leg in a severe storm on Mt Ruapehu. He thought he was about to die. His friend Kyle went and got help and came back with a bunch of police, firefighters and ambulance. He went into hospital for six months. He showed us a video about him in hospital and the video was really funny.

John showed us a video of what he does for his work and how he puts music on with a push of a button. He has a friend which understands all the common lingo that John and his other friend don’t understand. He said after his speech “if you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything”.

For lunch we went to Whaea Sandra’s house and it was pretty cool. Her house had a wonderful view, and Lui and I was watching the road and we could see the people inside the cars. Lizzie, Tukaha, Hone, Tyson and I went to play tag behind her house. We climbed up a ladder and then we went for a walk because it took so long for people to eat. We had a good 5 minutes to play and then we went back to the stadium.

Rachel mis-understood what Whaea Sandra said. Lizzie and I told Rachel we need to go back it’s not finished. Rachel didn’t listen at all until we arrived at school. Then she said we should of stayed! She let us play, but then Aunty Margaret came along and told us to go into Whaea Buffy’s class. After a boring 10 minutes later passed Whaea Kerry showed up with Selui, Witana, Te Rawhiti and Tyson. We were finally allowed to go outside again. Then we all lined up in our lines and went home.

Janice Wetere Year 6


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